DPS Challenge – Best Shot of 2012


Digital Photography School, and the MatadorU program has helped me learn a lot of technical stuff about Photography, Cameras and other equipments. I love the Weekly Photography Challenges of DPS, and as we move towards the end of 2012, we have the theme,


I post a lot of photographs on my Facebook Page, my 500PX photo stream, and I used to be on Instagram but I am slowly getting out of it after the TOS debacle. So from the statistics from both the sites, a shot that was popular in 2012 is below.

Strawberry splash by Chitra Sivasankar  (ChitraSivasankar)) on 500px.comStrawberry splash by Chitra Sivasankar

Don’t forget to post your best shot on DPS Page. We can also post it on Twitter, or on a Blog like me, or any other photo sharing sites. Just make sure you link back to the original link, so that people can relate to. Cheers.

Let me know what you think about this pic, in the comments below!!! I would love to read about your opinion. :)

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