Best of November…


# Robotic Camera that is fast, flexible and totally cool – German engineering and their awesome brains.

# Manual Photography Settings – Found this awesome and super explanative infographic sometime ago on Facebook. If you are a beginner photographer you should not miss it.

# New York through the eyes of a Road Bicycle – Totally loved the set of photographs shot through New York on a bicycle ride with GoPro Hero 2 Wide angle camera.

# Morning Yellow Sunshine – Posted some of my editing notes. I have written something like this for the first time. So no cursing alright ;) Will write better on my future posts I swear :)

# How to start a blog? – Loved this insanely and completely self explanatory blog post that might come handy for anybody who is planning to start a self-hosted blog. Don’t miss it.

# NASA Astronaut and Photographer Donald Pettit on shooting in Space – If you love astronomy and love photography like me, you should not miss this awesome video of Donald Pettit’ speech in Luminance 2012 on shooting in space. Did you know hard drives fail in space? There are more unique facts. Watch the video and get awestruck just like me. ;)

# Instagramming Autumn in Leeds – Set of some Instagrams of Autumn in Leeds.

# Special mention to this awfully scary timelapse video of San Francisco and the intricate and tough processing gone under the layers. Kudos to the creator Ross Ching

Your turn guys, you must have read, seen a lot of awesome stuffs during the past 30 days. Let me know your favourites from november in the comments below :)