Random Midweek Notes


Just entered the Digital Photography School’ Montgomery Street Collection camera bags giveaway for crossing 1 Million followers. They are awesome is it not. According to me they are the best photography learning resource on the planet. Awesome authors and awesome followers. I love them, if you are not following them already, check it out right away and have an awesome photography experience like me.

Responsibility and Passion balanceThat moment of my life when I have to choose between my responsibilities and my passion for photography has come already, and right now at crossroads between them. I want to make a balance between both. I don’t want to lose them both. I sure have to responsibly take care of my family business along with my uncle and grand father but in the process of doing that I don’t want to miss out the life that I want to live in reality. I want to spend my life traveling and studying different cultures, their people, beliefs and methods with photography. And we all know for sure that there is no other way according to me so interesting than photography to learn better.

[Selling Stock Photography] If you are interested in selling Stock Photography and you want to earn better price for your work, Check out the Photodune. You can earn from 50% to 70% for your stocks. Be sure to check them out. 

[Amazing Chase Jarvis] Check out this latest post from Chase Jarvis, who never ceases to amaze us both with his awesome photography as well as his words on, 5 things every Creative person should get (and give).

[Black and White Photography] We all know that DPS is one of the awesome learning resource for Photography on the planet. I recently read this amazing article on How to Create a Black & White High-Contrast and Filmic Image in Lightroom 4. The article so informative and a lot of things are new to me. For instance, I did not know about the conversion to super contrast image in Lightroom to remove dusts, flecks, and other unwanted spots in an image. If you love and want to get better Black and White High contrast filmic image in Lightroom 4, don’t forget to check it out.

[Starting a blog] I have been trying to find an easy tutorial to host and maintain a self-hosted blog online and I found this amazing article on How To Start A Blog: Complete Guide (7189 Words) on Dukeo. It is easy and a little bit big but it is insanely explanatory and you don’t have to check anywhere else to create a new blog.

[Latest Follows] First I have to thank Balachander for following my blog, if he had not followed my blog I would not have known about his amazing blog. Check out his photography and you will be amazed for sure like me.

Keep framing, and keep shooting (as in Photography of course.) :)